Introduction to the Electricity Market

Provides an understanding of essential elements of the NZ Electricity Supply system and the wholesale electricity market, in particular, with a brief introduction to the retail and hedge markets. Includes our fun and informative spot trading game

Objective: To provide an understanding of the essential elements of the NZ electricity supply system and the wholesale electricity market, in particular, along with elements of the retail market and hedge market.

The course includes a number of rounds of our spot market trading game which simulates the process by which traders submit offers to generate into the market each half hour.  The trading game enhances your understanding of the course material and gives insights into the dynamics of the real spot market.

Videos:  Prior to the course, participants should watch this short video covering "electricity basics" as preparation for the course.

  • Introduction
    Market Overview
    Spot, hedge, retail, frequency keeping and ancillary markets
    Cash flows for generators and retailers
    Generation, retail, transmission, distribution, consumers
    Governing legislation and market rules
    Electricity power flows and concepts
    Energy conversions and units
  • Transmission: The Grid
    AC grid
    The HVDC link and inter-island power flows
    Losses and line limits
    Transmission and line charges
  • Demand
    Total demand for electricity in New Zealand
    Demand growth - history and projections
    Seasonal demand profiles
    Embedded generation and grid off-take
    Metering and reconciliation
  • Supply
    Types of generator and basic characteristics, fuels and renewable sources, generation by fuel type
    Hydro, thermal, geothermal, wind and cogeneration
  • The Wholesale Spot and Ancillary Markets
    Role of the System Operator in Dispatch
    Offers & Bids
    Market models
    Reserves and frequency keeping
  • Cost of Supply
    Fuel use and efficiency of thermal generators, heat rate
    Fuel cost calculations
    Long run and short run costs
  • Electricity Price Behaviour
    Understanding historical price patterns and their origin
  • The Retail and Hedge Markets
    Retail TOU contracts
    Understanding hedge contracts

NB: Electricity market course material may vary from the above on the day

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