About Energy Link

The electricity industry continues to evolve rapidly and is undergoing unprecedented change as the high cost of energy and its impact on the climate have created their own climate in which technology is driving change down to the lowest levels - your home. 

Our Story

When the New Zealand electricity industry deregulated in 1996, Greg Sise saw an opportunity to assist smaller players to compete in the newly formed wholesale electricity spot market. He founded Energy Link, and almost three decades on, we have the people, insights, and specialised in-house and online software systems to support our clients through all stages of development and execution of their energy strategies.

Our reputation for providing high quality service and expertise is unequalled in the industry. We are sought out by New Zealand’s blue-chip companies and by government to help with the “big, tough” energy decisions. As a client once said, we “eat, sleep and breathe” electricity. 

About Us

We are leaders in the fields of procurement, risk management, hedging for electricity, software and in systems for managing energy. We are not an energy trader - we do not sell you energy, hedges, or other financial instruments.

We are non-aligned and provide independent services to electricity and natural gas market participants, larger energy users, lines companies, independent retailers and generators, local government, government agencies and the investment community.

Our three indices for fixed price electricity contracts –CFD, FPVV and mixed CFD/FPVV - are published monthly in our free Energy Trendz publication HERE. The indices are widely used for assessing electricity contracts and are referred to in publications produced by the Electricity Authority.

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Our Services

  • A full range of procurement services for electricity and gas for multi-site, multi-supplier consumers, for up to thousands of sites.
  • Forecasts of electricity and gas prices from one to 16 years into the future.
  • Line charge analysis and optimisation.
  • A range of relevant training courses.
  • The Ellserve contract management and energy information system.
  • Energy management project assessment and financial modelling.
  • Benchmarking studies across multiple similar sites.
  • Free daily, weekly and monthly publications including the Energy Link fixed price electricity contact indices.
  • The hedgesafe program for developing, implementing,and managing a hedging strategy.
  • Alternative energy supply assessment.
  • Energy strategy and policy development.

Energy Link gives you Decision Power through:

  • Electricity market knowledge, expertise, and insights that are constantly updated and improving
  • Leading edge analysis - providing powerful insights into the future of the electricity market
  • Clear communication with no surprises
  • Clarity in a complex market
  • Outstanding results for you and your organisation

Our Team

The Energy Link team has been working in Aotearoa New Zealand's complex and dynamic electricity and natural gas markets for nearly 30 years. We are recognised experts in the electricity spot market, process improvement, software development, market analysis, risk management and service delivery. Our team are one of the few globally that can offer our customers this breadth of expertise and practical business experience in the energy environment.

Greg Sise

ME (Elec), BSc(Hons)

Managing Director

Greg has developed an unrivalled knowledge of the energy market over the past four decades. He is specialist in pricing, modelling, risk management, energy economics, hedging and governance. He was on the Board of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) from 2007 to 2010, and has been a member of a number of industry working groups.

Paul Chapman


Manager - Energy ManagementServices

Paul manages Energy Link’s services for larger energy consumers, including consultancy and information services, and the delivery of the Ellserve product. An expert in his field, he has worked in the energy industry since 1999 and specialises in all areas of procurement, risk management, contracts, and carbon emissions reporting.

Matt Woods


Development Manager

Matt heads our software development team (products include EMarket, EMarket Offer, Ellserve), and is our lead developer of optimisation and simulation algorithms. He has extensive experience in the energy industry and a strong background in mathematics, particularly optimisation, modelling, and software development.

Mark Nelson

Senior Consultant